WD MyCloud Mirror using Static IP slow after undock and redock laptop

I have a 6TB Mirror My Cloud on my home network. I was having problems dropping connectivity so changed to Static IP based on WD recommendation. My docking station is ethernet connected to my home network. When running outside the dock station on wi-fi, my speed goes way down. Sometime when redocking it’s back to “normal”, other times about half way there, and other’s still just as slow as on wi-fi.

On advice of a friend, I’ve used CrystalDiskMark to measure speed. I’ll just provide one number for each attempt for the My Cloud.
Seq Q32T1
One time after redocking, the number was 117.2
On wi-fi the number was 5.3
Another time after redocking, was 1.7
After reboot and next day got a 55.5

All over the map.

If there was a relatively quick command to reset the connection when redocking, I could live with that. But don’t want to reset each time, go back and reset Static IP is too much effort.

WiFi is almost always slower than wired just by its nature. What sort of wifi protocol are you using (802.11ac / n / g etc). Note I ask what you’re using, not what your router may say it has (a .ac router will only use .n if the laptop’s wifi card is .n only).

Also how fast is the wired connection (10, 100 or 1000 MB/s)? Same comment applies - the MCM connection is 1000MB/s (gigabit Ethernet) but is your router and laptop/dock station?

Is this specific to the MCM, or is it a more general issue with your network or laptop? If you try the same test with a shared folder on another machine on your network do you get the same issue?