WD MyCloud Mac app is extremely slow


I have the WD MyCloud 3TB disk and everything works fine except the desktop app that is extremely slow. First, I can not make many changes, like enable “Remote access”. It just doesn’l let me klick on it to switch it on. But then, when I can make a change (e.g. change time zone), it takes like 20 minutes with the black screen saying “Updating…” and I then just shut it off.

Any help there?


An update for this utility was released yesterday:


Does it still behave the same afterwards?



well, this update is for the WD My Cloud desktop app. This one you use to transfer data. However, the slow behavior is happening within the WD My Cloud Dashboard UI. That is the one which is used to set-up and change settings of the disk.

But, it got sorted when I rebooted the disk. I have uploaded 1,2 TB data within couple of days without rebooting it and that obviously has caused the Dashbord to be slow. It is still slow but much faster then it was and at least I can do changes.