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 Ihave been having a major issue with my 3tb WD MyCloud. I can see the folder in the Network folder and can access the folder even though it takes a very long time and is intermitant. I am unable to copy any folders to the device. I have swaped the ethernet cables this is not the problem. Everything else in the router is working great.

 The device itself doesnt show the light at the front but shows the flashing green and solid yellow on the back. When I log onto the UI it just brings up ‘Device Initializing’

Please help as I have over 2tb of data on this and need to access it.

Thank you in advance


I assume the front light is actually white, the rear lights sound correct for 100Mbps ethernet

how long has it been this way? after a hard shutdown, pull power cord or powerfailure it can take anywhere from a few minutes to many hours to check the disk

is this a new unit and initial setup?

if not what was done before this started?

what firmware version

It is about 4 months old. It was working great till last night about 8 o’clock. then it stopped and I havent been able to access it since.

It has the new firmware.

I can access my Hard Drive for about 1 minute before it kicks me out.

Is there anyway to to downgrade the firmware without the UI?

Open the Dashboard back up and if it is still showing Device Initializing wait for it to complete the start up. Give it some time and then if it will not complete I suggest unplugging the power from the back of the My Cloud, wait one minute and then plug it back in and see if it will complete the start up.

In the Dashboard under Settings>General>Energy Saver be sure the LED is ON.

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Thank you.

It has been like this for 3 hours, do you know how long it normally takes?

THis post explains how to go back to the older firmware


Upon upgrading to V4, many users experienced the steady white light (including me). Unplugging/plugging the power typically fixes this.

Then, many users have reported a much degraded UI responsiveness, and overall loss of performance with V4

Try first a simple 4 second reset, if it doesn’t help try the 40 second reset;


Press and hold down the Reset button for four seconds. When the button is released, the device will reboot. This process may take up to three minutes to complete.

Performing a System Restore through the Reset button

The Reset button may also be used to perform a System Restore on the device. At the same time as the power is plugged to the WD My Cloud device, pressing the Reset button and holding it for about 40 seconds, will make the device to go through a System Restore instead of a Reset. This System Restore will not cause data loss, and all Private Shares will become Public Shares. For more information on System Restore, please see Answer ID 10433: How to restore a WD My Cloud, Mirror, EX2, or EX4 Personal Cloud drive to factory default settings.

Performance is WAY better on interface AND data transfer, those screenshots where made directly after changing the firmware back to 3.x

WD should respond faster on this matter because almost everyone is complaining about the 4.x

Also notice the loss of speed and the tremendous “speed hopping” with the 4.x firmware

My setup is a gigabit network with cat6 cable

My startup or reboot usually takes between 8 to 15 minutes for the blue light to show. I had a problem the other day so I ended up doing the unplug at the back of the My Cloud, waited one minute then plugged it back in and after a short time the blue light came on.

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