WD MyCloud Gen2 - Enable apps install tab + Apps!


Yes. But only when i wish (And when i have free time for this).


Ok, I fully understand

Keep up the good work! Thanks!


I keep getting:
Unable to negotiate with port 22: no matching host key type found. Their offer: ssh-dss
please can you give us a more step by step for noobs

thank you for understanding


i have a gen 1, can we install this to gen 1 ? or will there be a gen 1 version ?


Try to log in like this :

ssh -oHostKeyAlgorithms=+ssh-dss sshd@wdmycloud.local


No. There are other apps for the older v4.x firmware My Clouds that accomplish many of what the apps for the v2.x do. Do a subforum search using the magnifying glass icon upper right to find various other v4.x unofficial “Apps”.


it works wonderfully now THANK YOU




  • Transmission 2.92 now available. Tested, woks fine. (Note: Transmission v1.06 actually v2.84… Say “Thanx” to WD dev’s")
  • PlexMediaServer repacked / fixed. Works good too.
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You are the BEST


You are the BEST


Its easy, when you known all secrets :smiley:


Thank you so much! Fantastic work


Thanks very much Fox_exe for the ‘hack’

I can confirm that it works on my base model WDMC (4TB), with FW 2.21.119.
I managed to upload and install the DropBox.bin app from your gen 2 repo and it’s running fine.

The main reason I was searching for a way to enable apps for this device (which normally this is disabled), was to install the Z-Way app for use with Z-Wave home automation.

So, I have two questions:

  1. is the WDMC ‘crack’ .bin app you made supposed to enable the apps list (with check boxes) on the admin page? If so, I have no list of available apps and can only upload acquired apps from my computer.

  2. if the list of apps cannot be made available, would you be able/inclined to add the Z-Way.bin app to your repository? Please! :slight_smile: I would definitely buy you a beer!


Nope. Its only activate all blocked functions. For “List of available apps” need edit few scripts in system (By default webgui trying to download list of apps from this link: http://download.wdc.com/apps/WDMyCloud/WDMyCloud.xml (yeah, its empty).
For compare - same link for “WD MyCloud Mirror”: http://download.wdc.com/apps/WDMyCloudMirror/WDMyCloudMirror.xml
wd… facepalm…

About 2nd question - Yes, possible to port ALL apps from other WD devices. (Check top link - i can port all these apps, if need).

Done! All official WD apps available now!


Wow - thanks for the lighting fast reply!

I would like to use this app:



I just tried to install it “as is”, but get “error failed to install app”.


For some reason, this one also returns error - failed to install app.
I’ll try again after a reboot.


After reboot, able to install Z-Way app. Will try ClamAV and others now.
Marvelous - thanks a bunch!

…now to see about that beer!


i did 1 to 5 when i try to install “WDMyCloud_WDCrack_1.0.bin” i m getting “Failed to install app. Please check the network connection and try again.”

what other app do u get from doing this ?

i have a white mirror running on 2.11.153


You don’t need to run the WDMyCloud_WDCrack_1.0.bin file on a WD My Cloud Mirror to install the official multi bay unit third party apps. The My Cloud Mirror already supports third party apps. The WDMyCloud_WDCrack_1.0.bin is for the SINGLE BAY My Cloud v2.x versions which are a different model/version than the My Cloud Mirror.

See the following WD link for the third party apps the My Cloud Mirror supports out of the box:

Edit to add: If your having trouble installing a My Cloud Mirror supported third party app you may want to post your My Cloud Mirror question to the dedicated My Cloud Mirror subforum since this subforum (My Cloud) is generally for the single bay My Cloud units.

My Cloud Apps

thx Bennor. now i understand. i was hoping i will get way more app then those.

thx again for sharing the info