WD MyCloud Gen2 - Enable apps install tab + Apps!

First post on these theme has instruction on how to install an app, and in the code are instructions for eula.

And I wrote additionally two posts above on it.

I use this(from the page one):
Alternative way : Press [ctrl] + [shift] + [i], open “Console” tab, put this and hit [enter]:
APP_INSTALL_FUNCTION=1; APPS_EULA=1; check_app_eula();

I have to do separately the app_install and eula so:
First when I log into my WD Cloud, I type in the console APP_INSTALL_FUNCTION=1;
You can type the part from the first post in url bar, but you have to type it, copy doesn’t work.
Then I click the App and I enter the EULA part in the console:
APPS_EULA=1; check_app_eula();

Which error are you getting or do you keep getting tje eula windows and cannot click yes?

I have updated it to:

This is not a Plexpass version.

Source file: PlexMediaServer-

Download at: https://wdnas.lampir.dev

p.s. I am updating it when it comes out, but will post less here, since I am spamming you guys :slight_smile: THe updates were there as well, but I haven’t written here about it. When you get a notification that the update is out, it will be shorty or it is already on the website. I am trying to somehow create the automatic check for it.

Hi. I have a WD mycloud gen2 3TB. I am on fw 2.31.195
I have hard time to make hack work.
I had hack installed Before. Now i can´t get the app button to appear.
sorry for my bad English :wink:
thx in advance

Just read a bit here and you will figure it out :wink:
hint: first post and enable javascript.

Does anyone know a program that allows to upload folder FROM MyCloud TO remote FTP via some WEB GUI? Built-in app “FTP Downloads” allows only to download from ftp to MyCloud (and I need reverse functionality).

I’ve tried to install Good Sync (as it seems it’s capable to do it) from few sources @Fox_exe and @LaMpiR. But those binaries fail to install - after upload I see Completed window with “Deleted module successfully.” message and app is not installed. I have no problem with installation/removal for other packages (like transmission, aria2) - so it’s something with those binaries.

Anyway can anyone point me to some working app to upload files from NAS to FTP?

Note: The following is for uploading TO a My Cloud via FTP. Don’t know of any program on the My Cloud other than maybe GoodSync or even Rsync that has the ability to send files the other way, from a My Cloud to another FTP server/device.

Any FTP client software, app should work for uploading files to the My Cloud using FTP. This assumes one has enabled FTP via the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings and if FTP’ing from a remote location, one has enabled port forwarding of the FTP port to their My Cloud within their network router. FileZilla (https://filezilla-project.org/) is one popular free FTP program.

Note that FTP is generally an insecure protocol. One’s FTP user name and password is often/typically sent in the clear and could be intercepted.

There was a way to mod the My Cloud using SSH to install Monsta FTP (https://www.monstaftp.com/) that would create a web based front end for FTP. It was discussed in this thread/post three years ago. Don’t know if it still works though, or if it works on second gen v2.x firmware My Clouds.

So your answer is not related to my question… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Not sure what should I make of it… I’ve updated question to make it more clear (I need files to be transferred from MyCloud to remote FTP server. And I want this operation be handled directly by MyCloud without PC).

Well my answer IS somewhat related to your question. You can make of my post what you will. For example one could configure FileZilla to use the My Cloud as a local directory then FTP to the remote FTP server and transfer files.

Or one could use the Monsta FTP instance if one is running their destination server as a VM and one has terminal GUI access to it in order to use a web browser on the remote VM to access the Monsta FTP program installed on the My Cloud.

Not sure the following service would work but it appears to be a potential option.


Or if you haven’t done so already, contact the GoodSync folks (https://www.goodsync.com/support) to see if they can troubleshoot the installation of their program on your My Cloud.

GoodSync has their own installer for the My Cloud if you haven’t tired using it already. One may have to try using their “Installation on old NAses, before 2014” installation method for the single bay/single drive My Cloud units.


Somebody asked for it repacked and I have simply did that. I will try to install goodsync today and see, maybe even update the package.
The platform is not that developed. One thing you could do is if everything else fails use goodsync in the way @Bennor suggested, but the problem there is that you have your pc turned on with goodsync and in order to transfer files from your NAS to some FTP, you will always have to do that, if the package for the nas doesn’t work. I will write later.

So for now I’ve found working on Gen2 rclone app capable to upload files directly from MyCloud to FTP (and many others remote/cloud servers). But it doesn’t provide any Web GUI. So you have to SSH to MyCloud and add tasks in terminal. App can be found here.

If GoodSync provides nice Web GUI for adding task would be good to have.

I’m not sure I understand it right. Are you saying that with goodsync - it’s not enough just to add some kind of copy task via Web and let MyCloud do stuff. Why you need PC turned on? If it’s the case it’s not very useful.

If you have GoodSync on your PC, then you have to have it on in order to run the application and sync the files, that is an option that could work until the final solution is here :slight_smile:

Hi, i have the same problem @Fox_exe @LaMpiR with the last firmware and the your last plex version, please help me, i can pay for it

I don’t have any special advice for your or a tipp. When the next version comes out, I can only record it in order for you to see my update process.

After his problem, I’ve installed the latest version on my WD NAS without any issues.

I am not a developer, I am just repacking the file to suit our nas with a tool from WD. I don’t code or modify anything on it.

I take for example, this file: (NOT FOR WD MyCloud GEN2)
download it, unpack it and repack it for us and put it online.

I have the same problem as hotflashback. After adding plex .bin pop up information - Deleted module successfully. Console - jquery-3.3.1.min.js:2 Resource interpreted as Document but transferred with MIME type application/xml: “”.

WD firmware from this morning 2.31.204 and WD Crack 1.2 installed successfully. Any ideas or we have to buy same other NAS :wink: ) I only want PLEX :slight_smile:

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I thing we have to buy other NAs…

My firmware is 2.31.195 and WDCrack is 1.2.

For plex, the thing is. I love plex and i have my other server and plex is working like a charm. On this one, not so much. I keep having a lot of problems with the playback on my fire tv 4k stick and I’ve just given up, because it is not that stable for many higher quality options on this nas. You have to keep in mind that the processor in this is not really that good.

I’ve installed kodi, added the local share(made my movies and so on public on local network) and with Kodi there is no transcoding, but direct play only.

thx anyway :slight_smile:

I have just updated my WD MyCloud Gen2 to firmware 2.31.204. I have download from my website the latest available plex version(same was already installed) and I have reinstalled it. Everything was working fine.

I will wait for the new plex version and record my steps. My WD Crack ist still 1.2.

I also did it again… I uninstalled WDCrack, reboot, installed WDcrack 1.2 and again trying to install latest plex version. Pops up bar with information - Deleted module successfully - and nothing… I’ll give up :wink: and buy some serious NAS …
Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Hi, i had same problem. You need to find oldest version of plex you can find (lock in first message. I think i used this one, but i don’t remember exactly). Only this version will install on nas, then you download latest version from here, and manually install it again. This will update plex.