WD MyCloud for Windows

i can not find download link for WD MyCloud software for Windows. Please, where
can i download this software? Thank you very much!

This software looks like:

You did not say which My Cloud device you own but I hope this helps.

Soory, my device is EX100 and this software was available 1 mounth ago, can you please help me?

Your support link isnt the same like software in the picture.

Thank you for any help

Same problem for me too. I can’t find the correct web page that has the MyCloud download so I can get it set up on my new laptop.

I have a EX4100 and a MyBookLive I’ve set up WD Access and can use the Dashboard for both devices, but I can’t seem to find the MyCloud software so I may access either device over WiFi while I’m travelling.


I do own a EX2100 and wanted to download the latest windows desktop software My Cloud as it stopped working today, but cannot find it on the website. The link above does not show me My Cloud as well. Can you please help