WD MyCloud EX2 constant disk activity-why?

Folks, I just purchased an 8TB MyCloud EX2. I’ve copied a lot of content to it for backing up.
The blue disk lights are constantly blinking even when I am not accessing the drive through my computer or any network service and I am unsure why.

I don’t have the DNLA or iTunes server on.
I disconnected the ethernet port.
I restarted my Mac.

Any ideas?

Don’t know much about the EX2. But on the single drive My Cloud a blinking blue light is the disk sleeping mode.


Really? Guess I need to reread the manual. Then what it the activity mode?

As I said I don’t know anything about the EX2. But on my single drive MC. The blue light fades in and out slowly. This indicates that the disk is on standby.
When there is disk activity the blue light is solid blue.


Ahh, no this is nothing like that - a fading in and out. It’s a constant blinking of the disk lights. I know what you mean about the fading light. It’s like on my Mac Mini, how in sleep mode the light fades in and out.

On the single MC the monitorio.sh script looks at a file called /proc/diskstats to check if there was any I/O activity on the disks. When there is no activity for 10 minutes it puts the disk in standby. In the past there has been problems with different files causing disk activity. One was the /etc/samba/smbpasswd file having its permissions changed every few seconds. There was a problem with /tmp/browser.dat file being touched every few seconds. There was also a problem with the restsdk-serverd process writing error messages to the /var/log/user.log file frequently. Another thing done to decrease I/O activity was the following command:
“mount -o remount,noatime,nodiratime /dev/root /”
This mount command stopped the system from updating the atime for files. When the atime is updated it causes a Kjournal entry which is a write to the disk.


You may want to post your question to the dedicated EX2 subforum and see if anyone there can answer your question. Or you can try searching that subforum to see if the issue has been discussed. This subforum is primarily for the single bay My Cloud units.