WD MyCloud DL 2100 - Remove Drive on Raid 1


I got that MyCloud DL 2100 and use 2 6TB HD’s on Raid 1.
Now the 6TB are getting fullfilled and I would like to buy bigger once.

What I would like to do:

  • Remove on of the 2 6TB HDs
  • Insert an empty unformated new 12TB harddrive to the empty slot
  • Will it copy all my data to the new drive without losing my data automatically? Or do I have to do something manually.
  • If I remove the 2nd 6TB drive and replace it by another 12TB drive. Will it automativally let me use the 12TB and mirror everything as before?

Would I be able to use a third 12TB drive to make a weekly backup? Just changing HD’s week, by week.


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