WD MyCloud desktop app unable to upload files to EX2

I have several users who update our EX2 data using the MyCloud desktop app (Win7).  This has been working fine since May when we first installed the EX2.

One of the users on our EX2 downloaded the new WD MyCloud desktop app yesterday (7/30/14). This person is now getting an error message, and is unable to upload files

Is anyone else getting this error?  Have you found a work-around?

We have not yet installed the most recent EX2 firmware release.    is there a relationship between the Desktop App release and the firmware on the EX2?

Update for anyone who is having this same problem:

I still had the previous version,, on my hard drive, so I un-installed the new version, and re-installed the previous.  Now the data copy works just fine.   It’s a good idea to always keep the previous version on your local drive, since I can’t find a way to get the previous version on the WD site.

For now, when prompted to load the new version, just hit cancel. 

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Thank you for sharing what worked for you. Kudo given.