WD MyCloud dashboard very slow, and backup freezes

The dashboard on my WD My Cloud accessed via the web page is always cripplingly slow to respond. I have no problems with the files themselves, just the dashboard.

I have poked about via SSH to check log file sizes etc., but don’t see anything untoward.

Another issue I have (I don’t know if it is related) is that sometimes the system hangs at the start of backing up to a USB hard drive. When this happens the USB hard drive file system gets corrupted and I have to then repair it. Doing a WD My Cloud reboot immediately before backing up seems to reduce the frequency of this problem.

Rebooting also sometimes, but not always, cures the slow dashboard problem.
What is going on, and how do I prevent these issues?

The firmware is 2.41.116
Not easy to determine the model, but think it’s Gen 1 single bay.


Please refer to the following KBA article: Slow My Cloud Dashboard Performance