"WD MyCloud Dashboard" not found

I let windows 7 upgrade to Windows 10 (Home) at the weekend…

Clicking the WD Mycloud Dashboard shortcut on my desktop sees both Chrome and Edge come up with a time out error

“Can’t reach this page”

The network drive (mycloud 3tb) has a blue light on the front and can be accessed via “file explorer” and shows as a network drive on “this pc”  but while sony’s media go has no trouble listing the music on the drive folders in its library, windows media player (legacy program), Groove Music (Windows 10) and “Photos” (Windows 10) will not add any files on the drive…  Norton Firewall is set for a private network so should not stop access…  I turned it off and tried anyway… did not work either, same error.  PC is connected via ethernet to the wifi router that the network drive is also connected via ethernet.  

Is WD software / hardware windows 10 ready? (there was no W10 decice/software warning it was not)

Why doesnt a simple legacy link shortcut work?

why cant Windows 10 software see media files on WD network linked drives?

how can I get to the WD drive control panel?

“best ever” windows?

i found via a google search 


which by using the letters rather than the numbers for the address took me to the dashboard…

i then righthand clicked the shortcut icon that WD’s own software installed and changed the url to the letters version it suggested… 

however, while it shows me the drive is all happy with itself it hasnt provided any clues on how to get windows super wonderful software to do anything useful with my network drive  

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I’m glad you have been able to access your device’s dashboard, but at this moment the application has not been updated for Microsoft Windows 10. I’d recommend using Windows Explorer to navigate your files.