WD MyCloud Android app cannot switch between network & web access?

Apologies if someone has already posted about this. I’ve got my MyCloud 2TB up and running and I’ve just downloaded the Android app. When you first start the app, it gives you the option to connect via the web or via your home network.

BUT… apparently… once you’ve chosen one, it always connects that way, and there’s no way to swap between the two! So if you select web access, you always have to connect via the web, even if you’re two feet away from it; and if you select network access, you can’t connect to it from out and about, because it can’t find your network! The only way I’ve found to change it is to uninstall the app and reinstall it again!

Can anybody tell me how to fix this, or whether I can? I must be doing something wrong, right? Surely no-one would actually design the app this way? They wouldn’t… would they?

Hi johnesh, the My Cloud app should recognize automatically when you are in or outside your local network. Click on the following link to review the setup steps for the My Cloud app.