WD MyCloud Android APP Cannot search through file names

Some one, please help me to use the search engine of Android application. Till the last update, it was searching by file name. Particularly the pdf files are easily traceable. Unfortunately, now, in the current update, the search engine is messed up. Not finding the data as per file name or not reading the pdf file names.

@rajdevanand I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 and just tried searching on it with the app. In the Share I was searching in, mine appears to be working.

I opened the App, went to my share then clicked on the search icon and entered the file name.

I never use this because everything is backed up exactly as it is on my computers.

Dear Sir,
May be it is working because you shared all your files. But my case is different and straight forward.

I have stored around 5000 books in pdf format at several folders. I am trying to search a particular file by name in the Mycloud by using Android mobile app. But is not working. I have not shared the folders. No need to be.

Thanks for your help.

Sorry, I made a mistake, I see you have a My Cloud Home and I have two WD My Clouds.