WD Mycloud 900% overworked

You buy what is supposed to be top of the line NAS drive, and you discover that the developers in WD turned nice hardware to a piece of !@#! useless machine.

Not only the nicely designed web portal is unresponsive, but your smbd is now so slow, that your windows is freezes for minutes while browsing directories.

I tried the following commands, even made them part of my bash startup script.

/etc/init.d/wdmcserverd stop
/etc/init.d/wdphotodbmergerd stop

I can’t stress it enough, WD… you need to disable or give the user ability to disable this nonsense!!

  1. Add a UI option to the apache portal to disable these secondary services.
  2. Disable the indexing features by default
  3. Prioritize Samba process. Top priority for the drive should be to be
    usable as a NAS drive!!!
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I honestly do not understand why those two processes are forced on everyone. If the hardware can cope, then fine.

They made a mistake with the My Passport Wireless. From a full charge, turn it on and wait to let it complete the indexing. The drive will sleep, but the state of charge will end-up being 90% within 5 minutes if there is a lot of media on the drive. Not good. :frowning:

Switch off the Cloud if you don’t need it, both processes are indexing helper services for the cloud.

On average it has 90 tasks, 5-10 active.

I don’t think that just disabling the cloud (a very bad compromise) would fix it.

There is a deeper issue with the software architecture and process prioritization on the drive.

WD developers need to rethink their design, and start with giving users more control over the background process through the UI

Which My Cloud device in detail are you talking about? And what processes are running on your machine?

BTW: do you know the Developer portal, introduced with My Cloud OS 3? Feel free to take part in the community, more details are available under http://developer.mycloud.com.

WD My Cloud - Single bay, Dual-core processor… the latest one.

@Jeorg_A; I’d love to participate, and become part of the community… I am only involved in a couple of open source programs, and will check out your SDK
I would doubt though that I’d want any plugin installed on the device. It’s struggling as is… BTW, I disabled DLNA, and Cloud access, and still this morning it had LA of 14 :frowning: :fearful:

After spending hours with WD support, we concluded that this drive has potentially some other hardware issues. Support then sent a replacement. I am now copying my content between two MyClouds using sftp. Thanks WD for your help.