Hello I am new to the forum

I recently purchased a myCloud 3TB
So far no problem with the settings and remote access, at least the gui software WD, with an Android phone and an iPad.

Working in ssh on an upgrade I had a very bad problem.
To restart the cloud stopped working. the disk is operating normally in the sense that you feel connected to the MacBook and turn the LAN indicator flashes. therefore it means that there is communication.

I need to reset, I tried as indicated in the guide: Press the reset button for four seconds, but without success.
it all night I try a solution without having to go to do SCREWDRIVER.
Would you kindly some indication about?
If I were to go to step screwdriver, you could indicate an appropriate procedure for the recovery partition?

I thank you 

Its difficult to understand your problem from what you wrote. Before using a screwdriver, try the 40 second reset.

  1. Unplug the power cord

  2. Unplug the network cable.

  3. Wait a few minutes

4. Press and hold the reset button

5. Insert the power cord while still holding the reset button.

  1. Hold reset for 40 seconds.

  2. Connect the network cable 

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sorry for my English.

I have done what you have told me, but I did not get a result.
I have myCloud connected directly to my MacBookPro.
if I connect to the router, the router does not recognize any IP.

if I used a Ping the I get this result


this means that the computer can read somehow a IP address , but the IP address is not stable.

if i use ssh access

Schermata 2015-05-28 alle 21.28.50.png

have solution???

I don’t know, but you can recover the device using this guide:

Are you saying that you connect the My Cloud to your MacbookPro using a network cable?  If you are then the cable must be a crossover cable.  You can not use a cross over cable to connect the My Cloud to the router.  You need a regular cable.

A crossover cable switches TX and RX .  In other words the TX on the My Cloud is connected to the RX on the MAC and the

RX on the My cloud connects to TX on the MAC.