WD Mybookworld II died a death :(

MYBOOKWORLD II with network connection as well as USB.

Basically I cannot detect, reach, or access this device after having had it for quite some time…

Is it possible to remove the disks and use them elsewhere, if so how would I re-use them without losing the data within??

Note that I removed the MIONET **bleep** (first thing I did) and enabled the drive as a simple share, formatting the pair of disks as one big drive (NTFS naturally).

Hello mate,

Well the internal drivess on that unit are formatted on ext3 (Linux file system) so if you are going to take those unit out, you will need a computer with linux to see if the drive are detected if so you might be able to get the files back.

Regarding the drive, have you tried to reset the unit?

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I did try resetting the unit but using either network or USB cables didn’t help - the system refused to see the previously working unit (hence why I thought about taking the disks out to see if I could read them).

Having tried mounting them, I just get errors so I’ve had to reformat and start again - I didn’t have anything on them that can’t be replaced so it’s not too much of a hardship!

Thanks for the advice though.