WD MyBook1130 access problem

I have bought this drive 3 days ago, plugged it in and everything went perfectly (appart from the apparently common issue with the freeze when you boot ) . I installed the software and drivers, backed up all my important old files as well as some new ones and that was sort of the end of the day as far as activity on the drive was concerned. The next day I tried a few things in BIOS to fix the freeze problem because I find it really annoying the have to unplug/plug the drive every time I start the computer. Nothing I tried had any success so I reverted all the changes. However, after another restart caused by an update on some other software, the drive took about 5 or 10 minutes to start up after Windows 7 loaded. After that it stayed connected and worked without any problems. Today however, I plug it in, I can see it in Device Manager and in Explorer, but here I get only the name and the icon, I can’t see that bar that shows how much of it is full. Also, that green bar on the top that shows that it’s loading is moving pretty slow and whenever it reaches the end I hear the “disconnect” sound followed immediately by the “connect” one and the bar starts loading again. During this time the led stays lit, rarely blinking. What can I do?

Id i were you I’d format it to clean it in case it got corrupted.