WD MyBook World 1TB - Partitioning on a Mac

Just got this drive and am very dissapointed by the amount of ‘fluff’ on the drive already, I thought I was just getting a normal, blank hard drive to use how I wanted, not one which I would be told to use in a certain way!

Basically, I just want to format the drive, start from scratch and create two partitions; one for general storage, one for Time Machine. However, the drive doesn’t actually appear in Snow Leopards Disk Utility, so I can’t do anything. I can see it and access it as a Shared Drive in Finder though.

Any ideas?

Well “partioning” a NAS is a bit of a problem, because it is essentially a dedicated network server, not just an external hard drive like a USB or Firewire one.

I believe the MBWE is running Red Hat Linux (some Unix variant anyway).

However, I have to agree vehemently with the “amount of ‘fluff’ on the drive already.”

You have to go to “Advanced” settings to even discover that out of the box it has 3 servers capable of remote access enabled by default, and two users with default passwords of “admin” (root included).

I still haven’t managed to disable Twonky.  If I can’t, it goes back.