WD MyBook Studio 1TB USB 2.0 External HD Lost connection

My HD is connected via Firewire to a PowerPC G5. I ejected a cd out of my rom drive and the HD dismounted and i received the standard “Disk removal error.” I looked up at the HD and the led lights are out. i can feel it spinning inside there though. I tried plugging the power supply into a wall outlet. I’ve also tried using a different working power cord and both with no luck. Any tips or suggestions that I haven’t tried. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: For anyone else that has this issue, this maybe of help. I unplugged the firewire and the power cord from the back of the HD. I let it sit for roughly 3-4 minutes unplugged. From there i plugged in the power cable then the firewire and it worked. I’m currently pulling all my information off and I will contact WD tomorrow for further instructions. Hopefully this helps someone.