WD MyBook Live Network Drive? Copying files at very slow speed?

I have a WD My Book Live Network Drive with 3 TB. I have this external drive connected to a state of the art network router.

Now I am copying files to this My Book, however the speed is very slow. It’s down to 2 - 3 MB/s.

Is this usual? This sounds very slow.

Even when I am using a My Book which is USB connected, it’s way faster. The network router doesn’t seem to be the issue here, is it’s the latest model and pretty fast.

Hi Archer1,

How is your MBL connected to your network? (10 / 100 / gigabit?)

How is your PC connected? (10 / 100 / 1000 / Wifi? [b/g/n]?]

And by mbps do you mean megaBYTES per second, or megaBITS per second? [By convention, mbps means megaBITS].