WD Mybook Essentials 2 TB not regonized in windows 7 x64

i got “WD MyBook essentials 2 TB” external hdd one year ago from UK and working nice. since i am in india, i am using “india to UK” 3 Pin Power Plug to switch on WD Mybook. i got 3 of such UK converter plugs with me. today when i was checking those UK converter plugs one by one with my WD 2 Gb Book, power adapter experienced loose contacts from the converter plug and made some hizz noise with sparks few times. right from then my WD Book not getting recognized. i can switch on the power and can see LED on the MyBook glowing. but it is not recognized in my pc or laptop. when i put my hand on WD book i experienced little vibration like HDD spinning inside it. i never experienced that vibration before when it working normally. my guess is power adapter gone and book not getting enough power or getting more power from adapter. What could be the problem ??

It is possible that either the My Book power cable or the My Book controller card got damaged. You can try opening to the disk management window and verify if the My Book is recognized there. Follow the steps on the link below to open it.