WD MyBook Essential 2TB Randomly Dis-Connects

My WD MyBook is randomly dis-connecting. It is a 2TB drive. It will just disconnect with no warning and then reconnect. It just keeps doing this. then when it does stay on, i click on a folder and it won’t let me access it. It is only 2 months old. Anybody with these problems with theirs?

Have you try a different USB cable? Also, have you scanned the drive for errors?

if you try to open a folder and it won’t let you, that’s because it’s corrupted.  the disconnecting and reconnecting is potentially corrupting more of your files.  like cuernudo says, change the cable.  but I would add change the cable and the port you’re connecting to.  for that matter, I would also run it on another pc and see if that fixes it.  cause you could have a bad port on the drive as well.