WD Mybook Essential 1TB won't go into sleep mode. Faulty drive?

It’s a USB2 only drive. I have the same drive in 500GB and it goes to sleep after a while, but my new 1TB drive will not.

I’ve read all the posts here and elsewhere, I’ve tried installing the software, updates etc. I’ve tried plugging it in via different USB cables and usb sockets. No joy.

Is there any way I can get this drive to go to sleep, or is it faulty and needs replacing?

I know this is a strange request, especially as many people don’t want their drives to go to sleep, but I do!

Thanks in advance for any advice.


WD drives are supposed to go into sleep mode after about ten minutes of inactivity.   I’d make sure that no 3rd party software (or Windows) is indexing the drive.  That will keep it awake and running.