WD MyBook Essential 1 TB not detected

Hi everyone,

whenever i plug my HD to my MAC computer WD Smartware only shows up… I cant open my Hard Drive and access my files.

Theres light infront of my HD blinking and sometimes it steady.

I also replaced the USB Cable with a known good one…i still  just get WD Smartware.

whenever i press the power button at the back of the unit i can feel the HD spinning.

FYI: whenever i open the WD Smartware. the installation files shows up.

Help! TY

Hello there,

If you can access the files through WD SmartWare then your device should be ok.

Please try the following:

Open Spotlight and search for Disk Utility, once there see if the drive shows up, if so try using the Reveal option, if that doesn’t work, try repairing it if that’s the case, use First Aid if you can see the drive.

hi nekark,

I’ll do as per your suggestion… hopefully it does work… ill keep you posted… ty