WD MyBook 6 TB has 2 partitions

i got a new WD MyBook (WDMB). Want to use it with Arconis True Inage (ACI).
Plugged in this and it was finally detected by ACI.

I selected to create a bootable Rescue device and check for formatting.
After this WDMB had only 1 2 TB FAT 32 parition.
2 TB of 6 TB, so this is bull****.

Now, i am not able to get 1 fully partition for WDMB on my Windows 10 Disk management.
I can delete and reformat the 1. parition, but can’t delete the 2nd or use it to extend the 1. one.

What should i do in order to get 1 proper fullsize partition ?

Thank you

(PS: Also reported this to ACI)

(Who gives me all this time back…)

I could solve the problem with WD drive utility:

I installed it and then run “delete”. Now i have 1 6 TB partition and this is fine.

Please note: User who has data on disk should backup them before run “delete”.