WD MyBook 4T rejoin Partition?

I partitioned the drive using windows manager (Win7), I now have 2048/1677.99. I cant create “new simple Volume” on the 1677.99 volume , so I tried to rejoin them and cant do that, The 2048 is active and works and cannot select Extend Volume.
How do I just rejoin them ?
Thanks :slight_smile:


Are you getting any specific error when you try to create the volume?

Can you share a picture of the drive management area to see how are the volumes showing?

No, just now way to create another volume. So I went back to full size by moving all my files to another drive then delete it and convert it back to 4T.
They were just side by side with the 2T active and the other unallocated with the only option as “Info” everything else was greyed out.

I have the same issue - a 4TB that I attempt to partition but can only allocate 2048. The 1677.99 in not accessible. What I did was converted to GPT disc and then was able to partition the 4TB. I do not yet know how/if this will affect my use of the drive for backups, etc… under Windows 7.

Once I converted it to GPT I did not try again to partition it, wasted too much time so I just went back to 4T. I just use it as another drive.