WD MyBook 3TB - Defect?

I use three MyBook 3TB ext HDDs connected to my media player (xtreamer pro). The HDD I bought lately won’t play the recently copied files (videos) and only play the ones that are already stored on it. E.g. the HDD is filled with approx. 30-40% and all files are playing well. However, if I copy a new file to it, this file won’t play on my media player (it says invalid file!). The same for all files that I’d copy to it afterwards… I already had this issue twice with my other WD ext HDDs and the reason was a disk failure noticed after running smartware or WD DLG. I got them replaced and all was working well then. When I do run these tools on the latest 3TB HDD it does state however that everything is OK?

Fact is that I bought a new WD MyBook 4TB now and I copied all the files from the failing 3TB HDD over and they all play fine. So it has to be an issue with the 3 TB ext HDD but the WD tools say it’s all ok.

What can I do? In the end I’d go for a replacement but I may not have a chance unless the WD tools confirm that there is an issue, right?

Are there other tools to check/repair the HDD?

Thanks for any kind of advice.


I recommend that you contact WD Support directly and explain the situation. 

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