WD MyBook 1TB - Blinking light


I’m having an issue with my driver. The LED light is blinking strangely, and nowhere have I found an information about it.

My LED light blinks once every second, but only the lower part. The upper part stays lit (unlike someone else elsewhere where it did not).

On my computer, it detects a new device when I plug it, but it cannot tell anything about it, and it blocks everything, including my computer’s restart process if it is plugged.

Does anyone know what it means? Thanks,


Try going into device manager find the drive and delete the driver disconnect usb and power and reboot system and then plug drive back in. That should load a fresh driver.


The driver doesn’t want to be deleted. As long as the device stays connected, it won’t accept to be deleted. My computer just keeps on trying to delete it without end.

EDIT : Indeed, it won’t let itself «unplug safely» or anything else.