WD my passpot esthetics

So here the thing, I go out buy a WD my passport in brilliant gloss white to suit my laptop, only to get home and find it connects to my computer with a disturbingly cheap and nasty black USB cable…I mean why produce these extnl hard drives in varying colours if you don’t complete the package

Worse yet, when I contacted “customer service” they simply brushed me off saying I should go buy a white one if I wanted it…well that would be possible if the geniuses in the design department had decided to follow the majority of other external hard drive companies and gone with a normal mini USB rather than the lesser well spotted Micro USB, which I have found impossible le to get in a 30cm length in WHITE !

I mean could you imaging apple decided to send their signature white mouse out with a black cable, or worse the power supply cord…Wake up WD not providing the most logical option is simply not good enough!

Did you ever get the white cable?