WD My Passport - works on old laptop and not new one?

I have two My Passports, one 1TB and one 3TB. Both work on my old laptop, but my new laptop on the My Backup installation they fail on scanning.

Both laptops are Windows 10 and I was able to manually copy files from history to the new laptop, but I want to start backing up from the new laptop. Other apps such as WD Drive Utilities have installed with no issues.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled a couple of times with no change. I have renamed drive to F, as this was same as the original laptop. But cannot get past this step with either drive. Have gone back into old laptop and completed a backup, so know there is no issues with drive. Googled issues and seems lots of people have had issues with this and mention Windows 10 newer version may be issue? But cannot seem to get a solution. Pulling my hair out now!

Image of where the notification of no backup targets found.