Wd my passport wdbabm7500abk stopped working

hey there

after a whole morning trying to connect my drive to my laptop i still cant access it. It doesnt show up under My computer, or even in device managment (in the disk drives submenu), as well as in disk management. It simply doesnt exist to any computer. No more sound when i connect it. Essencialy, i only know that it is working because i see the light of the device on, and i feel the disk starts to spin.

I already unninstall/install the usb drivers twice, installed the wd drivers twice, rebooted infinite times and tryed in other computers, with the same result. I connected other disks i have and they work, so the problem isnt on the usb ports themselves

I tried to find any more solutions online, but basically these were the only ones found and tryed. 

If any of you have any other solutions for me that i’d appreciate it very very much.

Ps. some suggestions in the internet were related to the cable i could be using. It isnt a issue since im using the original one

Thanks a bunch

Try using a dofferent cable no longer than the original and don’t use a hub.