WD My Passport vs. WD My Book Essentials

Hi all,

I am wonderinf what is the difference between WD My Passprt and WD My Book Essentials, in terms of performance?

How come My Passport is more compact and also cheaper?!

I want to store video and run them frequently directly from the WD drive. Which one you suggest?

WD My Passprt:

WD My Book Essentials:


The Passport is a USB powered drive and My Book Essentials is externally powered. I think the Passport has a 2.5 inch drive and Essential is 3.5 inch. Personally if I was going to use a drive to run much video I’d want one with a fan for better cooling. What ever drive you choose make sure it is not the only copy you have.


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Thanks. If anyone has more info on this, I would be glad to hear that.