WD My Passport Urgent Help!

Hey folks,

I have a red 320gb my passport drive, not entirely sure what model it is but the data on it reads as follows…



The data on the drive itself is as follows…

Serial ATA Hard Drive

WD3200BMVV – 11A1PS0

Drive Parameters: LBA 625142448

R/N  701650
Date22 Dec 2009



5vDC - 065A 


Now, having read through this forum trying to find a fix I’ve noticed that a lot of people are recommending swapping the logic board, before I go ahead with this I’m just wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction of the correct one?

I’ve found this one (link) but I’d rather know it was right for the job before forking out £50 on it!

I should also probably mention that there was an electric surge that damaged both this external hard drive and the internal on my macbook pro, the one inside was replaced with a spare, the external, the WD, isn’t allowing me to restore anything, the filesystem is showing as far as 2 levels deep and the info on the drive still shows it as full, it was broken into 4 partitions and only two of them now mount so there is still some functionality, albeit extremely limited.

Unfortunately I need the work off this quite urgently as the internal drive being wiped means that this is my only shot at getting back my own personal work and the work I’ve done, and am in the middle of doing for a number of my clients.

Please help me as I’ve had a bit of a panic on all day and been trying replacement cables and every recovery tool under the sun!


David Kennedy

This link might shed some light on it for you http://community.wdc.com/t5/Off-Topic-Discussions/Bridge-Boards/td-p/353839 The only guy that can really give you a good answer is fzabkar send him a PM.


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I’ve checked that thread already and couldn’t find anything relating to my drive in particular unfortunately as the USB isn’t the broken part! Hence making a new post, but thanks for getting back to me anyways!

Send fzabkar a PM he’s pretty good about helping out.


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One step ahead of you :slight_smile: cheers for pointing me to him!