WD My Passport Ultra Not Recognised By windows 81

Can Anyone please help.

I have just bought a lenovo g laptop. when I plugged my hard drive in it simply did not appear either on this pc or in device manager. It works on two othere PCs and a netbook. Thinking it was a problem with upgrading to windows 8.1 I bought a WD My Passport Ultra which stated that it was foir windows 8.

OK the new drive shows in device manager and propperties says it is working properly. all the drivers are installed but the drive is clicking as if it can’t get going.

The drive does not appear in This PC or in Disc Management.

Can anyone help please

ThankAlan Wellss


If the drive is clicking it could be a power issue. It is possible the computer is not providing enough power to spin up the drive. Make sure you are not using a longer USB cable than the one it was provided.

Thanks for that its confirmed what we expected.–laptop is going back to the store tomorrow - should be able to get my pennies back by telling them that.

Thanks again.