WD My Passport Ultra included non-pro software & zero response from WD support


I’m new here but pardon me for being pissed. I bought the My Passport Ultra 1TB 2 weeks ago. The box stated it comes with Smartware Pro. However the actual version inside the HDD is a non-pro version. I searched around the forums a little and learnt that there’s probably some email I’m supposed to receive with the activation code inside.

Fine. I explored. I launched the WD Utility and registered my drive there and the message said I would receive some confirmation email or something. I thought that should be it. But nothing came. I tried registering again and this time the message said this drive is already registered.

I went online to WD Support Portal, registered myself, raised a support case on 25th May, and till now it’s still open. Is this their usual efficiency or am I expecting too much?

Oh, and remember the “registered” status in the Utility program? The online portal showed nothing. Nevermind. I tried to register the drive in the portal. Whenever I clicked submit (or is it “continue”), the refreshed page always showed a blank window… zero entry in the “registered product” window. I did this at least 5 times and never got my drive registered.

Does anyone face the same problem? I’m kinda left stranded (although I can still use the non-pro, but that’s not the point). I just raised another support case pointing to the earlier one, voicing my unhappiness. Not sure if it will help lol…

If I’m missing anything (especially regarding the activation thingy), please enlighten me! Thanks a lot!

Oh I forgot… after registering in the Support Portal, there’s also a message saying that a confirmation email will be sent. Again, nothing came.

Till now I have received nothing from WD!

And the email address I used is my daily working email (hotmail btw) so there shouldn’t be any account problem. And I always double check to make sure I have keyed in the correct address whenever filling out forms.

And yes I do check the junk mail folder too!

Welcome to the Community Samuel, we appreciate your feedback and apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced with your device, as this is not the typical or intended experience with the product and provided support. Your case has been escalated directly to tech support, please check your private messages. 

I have exactly the same problem with my Passport Ultra. I have also paid online for the pro version even though it was meant to be bundled. To add insult to injury the activation code I was sent in return doesn’t work! I contacted WD support on the 5th July and apart from an automated email (ref: [Deleted]) I have heard nothing since.



Well, add me to the List, same thing. Creating my support case now.

Never mind. i clicked on the upgrade icon and put in my name and email and was upgraded.

just tried that but no such luck. Still no reply from WD…

Just to check the basics, have you checked your spam filters (and whether your ISP is blocking things) that may be preventing the emails from hitting your inbox?