WD My Passport Ultra drives are CMR or SMR?

Which model WD My Passport Ultra drives are CMR or SMR?

WD online chat says that all are CMR but I am extremely skeptical.

Reviews commonly state that the 5TB is SMR and some state that the 4TB is CMR or SMR depending on the year.

Western Digital, Please be open an honest about what is in your drives. Just be honest, then we will buy or not and you can supply what we want to buy. Trying to hide the technology simply leads to distrust.

I bought a 5TB Seagate Backup Plus but the write speed dropped precipitously when I copied a 4TB drive to it. Then I discovered SMR as a possible reason. Therefore I want a 2.5" CMR drive if I can find one.

Right now, I’m so disillusioned that I probably won’t even buy the planned drive and just try to get by with what I have.

Kudos to Toshiba for being up front and clear!
Their 1TB 2.5" laptop drive comes in cmr and smr versions.

Western Digital, please do this as well!

They have.