WD My Passport & Smartware 2.4 Does Not Back Up Changes

I am a photographer and have added over 200 folders in the last 3 months and thousands of images.  I assumed they were backing up because the software said they were.  I checked the external drive and looked for the folders and no new files are folders were being backed up!  I went to the forum and read several similar problems.  I deleted the software and reloaded it.  That backed up everything to that point and added all the missing folders. I immediately checked by changing the name of a Word filre, adding a folder of images and changing a spreadsheet name.  None of it was detected and backed up! This is outrageous.  Backup software that does not back up new files, which is the entire purpose of backing up to begin with.  Why will WD Smartware not back up new files, new folders and changes to files?  It only brings you up to date when you install the software again.  It does not track changes or backup on the fly.  Yet the software reports that it is continuously backing up and that all files are backed up!  This is outrageous.  I will immediately delete all WD drives (I have 6) all WG software and will start over using other backup software prevalent on the market.  Imagine this - - backup software that does not back up new or changed files!

I stand corrected.  I had reloaded the software this morning which brought all the missing files and folders up to date but when I made further changes to check it they were not recognized.  But I didn’t wait long enough.  I wrote this post and was about to go to Norton 360 and use that software and rebackup everything, but I checked the external WD drives and the files were indeed backed up.  It caught the changes.  I just didn’t wait long enough.  It took about an hour to recognize the changes and copy them to the external drive.  So, it looks like I am being backed up on the fly now.  Sorry for the false accusation.  But still, for 3 months I was not being backed up, even after downloading 2.4.0.  I had to erase and reload the software.  But all seems well now. 

Glad to know it’s working. :robothappy:

Well, I have the same problem, but it doesnt work on my laptop. Changes are not being backed up. I am using the latest version 2.4.1. I dont have Norton on my laptop