WD My Passport Security for Android

I think we should also be able to download a Security for Android… so we can lock/unlock our WD My passport hard drives from our android devices, such as Android phones, Android Tvs & Boxes etc…

Passport is an external hard drive which is supported on Mac and windows not on android or ios based phones.

WD has already prodvided the WD Security software which are supported on mac as well as on windows.

When i plug my portable HDD WD My Passport to my Android TV and try to play my media files… I always have to connect it to my pc/laptop first to remove the security password… And when I’m done using it on my Android TV… I have to go back to my pc/laptop to protect with password again… It’s really frustrating when you have to do this over and over in order to enjoy your hard drive media files on devices like Android TV/Boxes or Playstation 4… It would be much easier if there was an Android Security App that could allow people to lock & unlock there portable hard drives from Android TV and Boxes.

Here is what you want:
Western Digital my passport password unlock utility