WD My Passport Portable External 4T... 3.0? Ejects When Mac sleeps and doesnt always show up

Ok so I bought the product in the title back in Jan 2018 and yes its happened off and on where I plug it in and it doesnt show up… Ive noticed it wont wont when the light on the HD is solid and not flashing/blinking… when it blinks i know it will work. When It doesnt show up I just shut down the computer and try again and that solves the problem. But tonight was different. I had it plugged into my MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015), went outside then came back in the mac was sleeping and it said the disk did not eject properly… I was like HUH? I didnt eject it. So tried plugging back in… nothing. Shutdown the computer, fired it back up and plugged the HD in again… NOTHING… did it 3 more times and nothing… then i took the cable and kinda pushed it in to the HD then it fired… up so i left it plugged in. Later on mac went to sleep and did the same thing… disk did not eject properly blah blah blah… so instead of unplugging it i just pushed on the cable again and once again it fired back up. SO could someone please tell me whats goin on? I havent done any updates on the mac and like i said Ive had this HD for 3 years and its never done this before until tonight… What I want to know is… A. the problem and B. Is my HD alright or is it crappin out?


Please refer to the following KBA article: Windows or macOS Cannot Find My Drive