WD My Passport not recognized

ok… so a few weeks ago i bought a nw computer cause my old one crashed.  my old computer was an Asus UX50V and the new one is an Asus U57A.i have kaspersky anti virus installed as my protection.  when i try to plug in my 1TB Passport in the bottom right corner of my screen a message pops up that says one of the usb devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and windows does not recognize it.  is there away to fix this?  it was working on my old computer and has all my music and videos and pictures from Iraq and what not on it.  my new 500gb passport works just fine but my 1TB doesn’t.  any idea?

Hi, connect the passport to another computer and check if the problem continues, if it does, go to the computer management window and check if the passport is recognized there, if it is, then you might have a data corruption problem. You can use test disk to recover your files.


well i looked in disk management and it’s not showing up.  now when i plug it in the power light comes on and stays on for a minute but then turns off and doesn’t even try to install the drivers.  i plugged it in on my GFs computer and it says installing the drivers but it says it failed and to get ahold of the manufacturer for further assistance.  sometimes it’ll pop up in the computer on her laptop but it’ll instantly go away and i hear the sound of the “connection” and “disconnection” chime.  could it be just the driver utilities or something that is keeping it from booting up? is there anyway to repair the hard drive without losing all my music and pics from iraq and stuff?

You have to reset your USB port. Go to My Computer and right click , go to properties and bring up the Device manager. ( another option is go to the Control panel and do the same) Cursor down until you locate the Universal Hubs or USB ports. Highlit the one that is not working and disabe it and then enable it.

I’m also experiencing same problem with 500gb passport, Customer care simply replied with " create RMA " and they donn know how much critical data we loose. twice i got replacement and same problem happened again. Drive quality is too poor and hardware compactabilty is not good. please take this into consideration and provide Good quality drives to customer.



this didn’t work either… it has to do something with the drive… because it’s not even popping up on my computer… but my other new wd drive does… so it’s not the USB ports.  it’s the actual drive.  is there a way to recover the files in the old hard drive?