WD My Passport Essential SE no longer allows Back-Up-tab to be selected

I recently updated my Mac to 10.8.2 and to my surprise when wanting to back up my mediafiles to the Essentials SE USB 3.0 1T, I can no longer select the “Back-Up” function; the tab in WD Smartware is greyed out. The disc gets recognized, Smartware works, files on the Mac are recognized. But no possibility to back up to the disc. Also Smartware shows that the Passport is empty, even though I had been using the disc for back ups since a year or so. Of course I am noy sure if the update to 10.8.2 has anything to do with this, but still, I can’t back up anymore. Anybody saw similar issue or can help to solve? 

Hi, check if you have the latest smartware version installed and the latest firmware.

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