WD My Passport Essential SE 1TB USB 3.0/2.0 Compatible not working under windows

Hey folks

I recently have been having issues with this WD Passport Essential SE 1TB Usb 3.0/2.0. It seems to be not funtioning properly on Windows only whereas on other OS such as Ubuntu it works perfectly. The issue is that the device is detected in windows and even shown in Device Manager with WD SES Drivers installed - working properly , but does not show up in My Computer and is inaccessible . The disk in the harddrive is spining though … but the data access led is on and not blinking . 

Please help me 


Do you have a laptop or a desktop?

You might not be receiving enough power if you have a desktop connect the drive directly to the back of the pc with out useing hubs.

I am using a laptop. The thing is this HDD was functioning well in Windows initially , that is in win 7 , vista … but now what happened is it works on other OS like ubuntu but not in any windows … The device is not even seen in My Computer. Earlier it used to detect as My Passport and everything was working well… but now ocassionally some random hdd letter shows up which is inaccessible…

I would recommend you change data cables or obtain a power booster cable. if not purchase a USB hub that has a power adapter. It might not be receiving enough power

hm… so you suggest replacing cable? But then why does it function well on Ubuntu OS if at all there wasn’t enough power supplied to the HDD.

Well that drive is not compatible with that OS so it may or may not work but as far as windows try the cable

Could it be an issue of Ubuntu corrupting or changing info Windows need? Is the drive listed as compatible with Ubuntu?


Exactly Joe_S there is a conflict in interest. Even though Ubuntu  (Which by the way is a very nice OS)

is recognizing the passport. Neither item is sure on how to respond. Connecting the drive is no different then from dropping it on the floor and running it over with your car. It can corrupt the information

I’ve noticed that a lot of people with drive corruption are using them on mutiple computers especially XP and Windows7 and Vista. I think the partitioning in XP has a minor difference with Vista and later and wondered if that may be part of the problem.


Hang on Guys… I think I may have a answer for this issue. (Vista-Win7)

I am writing a new post on this forum and place a link in here when I am done. (Give me an hour so)

Mabikay - SLK

Take a look at my latest post.


Hope this would help you.

Mabikay - SLK

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