WD My Passport 730 - unable to access files, please help

i have a WD My Passport 730 and it started having these problems while i was on holiday visiting family. it was transfering some photos/videos onto it, then windows made that sound it makes when a usb is unplugged, followed by the sound it makes when a usb is plugged in. it does this every few minutes and all the while, explorer and disk management will slow down when it is plugged in. usually when the drive is being shown in explorer, it is shown as Local Disk rather than the name given to it. i cant access any files on it except on one occasion it momentarily came up as normal and i could open it and see all the files. when it is unplugged, i usually get a message saying that the drive needs to be formatted. is there something i can do to make it work properly again?

To me that sound like a data corruption problem so in order for you to use your hard drive again you would need to format it, if you need to recover your information you can try to use a data recovery program and then format it.

thanks for the reply, i appreciate it. any suggestions for a recovery program to try?

There are several in this post http://community.wdc.com/t5/My-Passport-for-PC/Western-Digital-External-Hard-Drive-my-files-lost/td-p/243020 I see the EaseUS recommended by some knowledgeable people. Some of these are free others are try and buy. Joe