WD my passport 4tb recognition problem

The model I have is My Passport(WDBYFT0040BYL) and it worked fine until yesterday, I did not do anything out of the ordinary on it (didn’t drop, etc.) but when I tried to connect it today, the computer suddenly it doesn’t recognize My Passport.

I have two other of the same model (older, different colors) and the other two work fine. When the cable is connected, the light does light up and I can hear the sound of the HDD spinning, however, the computer does not recognize it. The light does not blink and continues to glow.

I have tried using a different cable that works without problems with the other two My Passport and tried to connect it to different USB ports, 4 different PCs, but the issue persists. The drive is not visible in the explorer and the drive is not displayed in Device Manager or Disk Manager. I tried with firmware upgrade and tried HDD recovery software, but it still failed to recognize.

In the past, with another My Passport that I had, I had to exchange it due to the same problem, a week after purchase.

But this time, I need the data inside, so I really want to solve this issue.If you know how to fix it, any advice is much appreciated.