WD My Passport 4TB issues with Anker USB Hub

I just purchased an Anker 10-Port USB 3.0 Hub with charging port to simplify using my USB devices on the HP laptop. The hub has 9 ports that are rated at 0.9 amps and a charging port rated at 2 amps. When I first connected the My Passport drive in port 2, (wireless keyboard and mouse receiver in port 1), the mouse locked up and I couldn’t use the MP drive. I then moved the drive over to port 10 (the charging port) and now everything seems to work fine. I moved it back to port 2 and the problem returned. I could not seem to find the power requirements for the drive online or in the documentation that came with the drive. Is too much power for the “low power” ports the issue? Or did moving it just mask another issue that will bite me later on?

If you check the instructions for the Anker USB hub it might tell you not all drives will work with HUBs. I have a drive that only works if plugged directly into PC usb.

My passport requires minimum a 2A 5V Power Supply.

I did a little more research and found that there have been documented cases where USB 3.0 hubs may interfere with wireless devices (Bluetooth and unified keyboard mouse receivers) on the same computer. Physical separation between the hub and receivers is supposed to help. I found my workaround by using a J5create USB type C charging bridge for my unified receiver. My Passport is plugged into the Anker USB hub port 10. Additional thumb drives I plug into other ports on the Anker hub. Now everything seems to work fine.