WD My passport 1TB is too hot and will automatically shut itself down in less than 4 minutes

I am trying to connect my WD my passport 1TB drive to computer. The good part is that the drive is getting recognised but within few seconds it should following error message:


  1. Have you encountered similar issue?
  2. How to fix this?

Any help will be much appreciated!

P.S.: Just wanted to let veryone know that I have tried following without any success

Tried many things ::

  1. Disabled the shutoff settings on the USB menu - inside the Power settings ( which you find inside the control panel settings) --> Same Error
  2. Changed a New USB 3.0 cable to try if thats the issue --> Same Error
  3. Tried different ports-> 2.0 , 3.0 – the issues is the same on all . Also tried it on a different PC and different Windows Operating System --> Same Error