WD my passport 0748 error

Hey guys,

So I’ve got a small issue. Whilst watching a movie off the external drive last night, my dog knocked my laptop, causing ot to to fall (luckily I managed to catch it) but my drive got disconnected (though the drive did not fall). When I tried to reconnect the drive it operated normally until I opened the video file. VLC opened the file and crashed immediately. Upon restarting my PC, The drive does not show in windows explorer but does show in Device manager. Data life gaurd recognises the drive, but its registers it as a 0mb capacity.

Is the drive dead?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

I found a solution for anyone with a similar problem

I went to device manger, uninstalled the drivers, ubplugged the drive, restarted the pc, let the drivers reinstall. Opened data lifeguard, did a full scan of the drives and choose the option to fix bad sectors. Alot of data was damaged in this process so i rewrote zeros to the entire drive. Haven’t gad an issue since