WD My Pasport Essential 500MB Error: Need to format before can use

I hope someone can help me, 

Currently i’m using WD My Pasport Essential 500MB, for past week each time i try to transfer  files, it would stop at certain point, after awhile it would suddenly disconnect and when i try to access it again it would display error that the disk is inaccessible, sometime it would display error that it need to be formated before can use it.

it seem that the drive for the my pasport doesn’t display my pasport anymore instead it would display like normal hard drive ad local diskdrive(eg. Local DIsk ( G: ).I even try to use TestDisk, but it would always disconnect half-way each time.

I hope someone could offer me best solution available…

You can try a different cable to see if that’s the issue and not the partition problem.

If the partition table is corrupted and due to that Windows will not mount the drive.