WD MY NET N900 ROUTER user name and password doesnt work

IM TOTALY NEW TO SETTING UP A ROUTER SO IM BEGGING FOR SOME HELP HERE, im using an up to date safari. my mac is running 10.5.8 leopard … i type in    and it askes  for a user name and password which i expected, says to type in username: admin  password: password     i do this and it does not take it and i get the message :

The user name or password you entered for area “WGR614v5” on was incorrect. Make sure you’re entering them correctly, and then try again.

ive tried this using the start up cd with windows pc running Windows vista home premium and i get the same problem just doesnt except it. 

i have the router plugged in using an ethernet ,my mac found router no problem. as did the windows pc.

what am i doing wrong during this easy 1.2.3 set up???  

First time I setup mine it went smooth

follow the instructions on the user manual, page 11


it seems you are entering a netgear router “WGR614v5” witch is on adress.

disconnect this device and attach your pc directly to the n900