WD my home cloud - no WD device foiund & cannot log in


I start WD my cloud app

WD my cloud app says “no devices found”. Why? the device is clearly shown on home mycloud com and on windows explorer.

WD my cloud app also says ‘sign in with your WDmycloud com login.’ - what is that login? I am logged into my cloud already, but that username/password does not work with WD my cloud app.

On WD cloud app, I click ‘forgot password’. but it just takes me to My Cloud webpage - and I am logged on there! using the same email! The page says “To reset your password, enter the email address you use to sign in to MyCloud com.” So I enter the email again, and it says "The email address you entered is not associated with a MyCloud com account. " BUT I AM ALREADY LOGGED IN USING THAT EMAIL ADDRESS - I AM LOGGED IN WITH AN ADDRESS IT SAYS DOES NOT EXIST!

I have rebooted everything many times.
I have changed passwords.

Please explain how I can use wd my cloud app. I am at my wits end after 3 hours trying to get this working.